Installing Walbro F.P. Through a trap door

Quite a few people in our 4th Gen Fbody community have had to deal with fuel pump replacements for a variety of reasons. The process is detailed quite eloquently in various media regarding how to take off exhaust system componentry, dropping the differential down, disconnecting the shocks, on and on.... Some guys like myself have wondered, "Does it HAVE to be so labor intensive to take the tank out and put it back in? What if I screw up some small thing?? I'll have to take out all that crap again??!" Well, some of the more ingenious and innovative guys have seen the light(bulb) and thought, "What if I put a trap door right over the pump in the hatch area? Then I could avoid all that tedium of taking this that and the other off anytime I want to check or replace my fuel pump!". The following links will show photographs of the process undertaken by one such innovator, Brian ( Many thanks are given to the generously provided pictures of his pioneering efforts.

Making some initial cuts to locate the pump

Cutting a larger area to allow better access

Found the Pump

Taking off the pump retaining nuts

Elongating the pump access area

Cut off the flap cleanly

Full cut hole

Undrilled hole with sealant and screws

Blank plate over hole

Panel  with holes drilled

Full cut with holes drilled

Stock pump and Wal1bro side by side view1

Stock pump and Wal1bro side by side view2

Walbro on Bracket view 1

Walbro on Bracket view 2

Pump Seal and O-Ring

Pump about to go into tank

Sealant applied

Plate drilled, sealed and screwed onto surface